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Cambridge Primary School

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Cambridge Street, Barrow-in-furness, Cumbria LA13 9RP


Giraffes (Y2)


The Giraffe Class are 21 enthusiastic children who love to learn! The children are creative, thoughtful and they bring a smile to our faces each day.

The class is taught by Mrs Elliott and supported by teaching assistants Mrs Ross and Mrs Culley.


Daily spellings and phonics lessons are for 20 minutes. We follow the Year 2 spelling shed planning and also learn the Year 2 exception words. The class enjoy these sessions and they are given opportunities to read, write, play games and apply what they have learnt. Our favourite part is the ‘perfect sentence’! Weekly spellings are sent home to practise and children are also encouraged to practise them using their own spelling shed login.


Our English lessons are usually based on a fiction or non-fiction text. We are always very excited about our new books and love to share our thoughts and ideas through discussion, paired work, role play and through our writing. In our class we get totally absorbed in our stories which helps us to produce some brilliant creative writing.

The class are encouraged to read as much as they can. They love listening to stories and they are also encouraged to read aloud in groups, independently and during shared reading. The love of books is always a key priority in our class.


Each day we begin our Maths lessons with our daily CLIC for 20 minutes. During this time we love to count, share ideas, warm up our brains with quick answers and notice patterns. We love to be challenged in Maths and we are encouraged to work independently and with Mrs Elliott or Mrs Brown. Each week we are challenged with our CLIC, SAFE and learn its tests. We also practise our times tables using TTRockstars.

Our Topics this Year:

Autumn Term – All Around Me

In this topic we will go out and about in our local area and visit Furness Abbey, Salt house Docks and The Dock Museum. We will learn to read and draw simple maps. We will also study the work of local artist John Duffin and use his style of painting to create our own art work.

Spring Term – The Great Fire of London

In this topic we will go back in time and learn about a great event that happened in history! We will be writing reports and composing our own music to represent the fire. This term we will also be creating a ‘Great Fire’ dance with the help of Gill Sharpe the dance teacher.

Summer Term – Out and About

In this topic we will be getting out and about again and comparing our town to the village of Gleaston. We will also be planting seeds to grow our own plants and vegetables. We will use our own and local produce to prepare some yummy picnic food.

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