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Religion and World Views


At Cambridge Primary School we value other people’s beliefs, values and religions. We ensure that all pupils’ voices are heard through a broad and balanced Religion and Worldviews curriculum.

Religion and Worldviews is a stimulating, exciting and important subject which encourages children to learn, enquire and evaluate what religions have to say about the important questions of life. Children study how religions and beliefs relate to one another, recognising both similarities and differences within and between them.

Religion and Worldviews has a vital role in developing children’s awareness of themselves, preparing pupils for adult life, employment and lifelong learning. It encourages children to ask questions, develops deeper, considered thinking, and provides them with the tools to thrive within their own communities and as citizens in a diverse society and global community.

Our school’s main aims of Religion and Worldviews are to enable our pupils to be informed, expressive, enquiring and reflective.

The main religions taught in Reception and Key Stage 1 are Christianity and Judaism, and at Key Stage 2 are Christianity, Judaism and Buddhism. The other major faiths as we as non-religious worldviews are also taught across the key stages. We also learn about important themes, such as how we should treat the environment , and the work of charities. 

Whole School Overview 2022-2023

Progression in Religion and Worldviews

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